Big Bass In Indiana!!!

Big Bass In Indiana!!!
Lunker Spring Largemouth!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 Spring Report

2014 Fishing Begins Now!!

Ok......Here we are......Everyone is ready to fish, but are the fish ready?

Lake Monroe...... The fish are moving up, but just as they start we get pounded with cold rain, the lake rises 7 feet in 36 hours....... Uh Oh!!! are starting to bite, but are scattered out and backed out due to the recent rains. Largemouth are being caught on Jerkbaits, Rat-T-Traps and Chatterbaits. Try concentrating on areas that are not only wind protected, but also getting lots of sun. The water is stained to muddy depending on which portion of the lake that you are on. Walleye and Wipers should start really moving up and feeding this next week or so, I will try to keep you posted on their locations, but as of Friday they seemed to be staged out in about 10-12 feet on the break lines off secondary points. Crappie are close, but the cold rain pushed them back a little and they seem to be in 6-8 feet of water on the points, but that will change rapidly as the sun starts warming up the water.

Lake Lemon...... Same Story.....Bass and Crappie had just started to move up and become active when the cold spring rains let loose. Lemon is fairly muddy, but that may help as the water warms up and then settles. I will bet that the fishing will explode in the next week or so on Lemon.

No Report this week for Cataract, but pending flood waters, I will try to get over and check it out.

Remember that the water is still very cold and with the rains there is a lot of loose debris floating all over the lakes, so take your time, wear your life vest and the fishing should get good real soon.

Good Fishin,

Ranger Nick

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Hot Summer Time.......Fishing has been pretty decent this year, even with all the rain and heat, it appears to be a somewhat normal Indiana Summer!!!

Lake Monroe has been Good fishing for Largemouth and there is actually some grass growing on the mainlake. Largemouth have been relating to timber, grass and buck brush. Best lures lately have been spinnerbaits and topwater lures. With Surface Temperatures zooming up, the bass still seem to be relating to some of the shallower structure and breaks. A few wipers have been reported this week, but no real giant numbers have been rolling in. Crappie seem to be hanging in that 6-8 foot range near the brush and creek channel breaks.

Lake Lemon, The topwater and spinnerbait bite has been hot for the past few weeks, Some really nice fish have been hitting spinnerbaits around laydown timber and boat docks. Early Morning seems to be the hot time for Largemouth. Crappie have continued to hang in that 4-8 foot zone along ditches and creek channel breaks. Best lures for crappie have been small tube jigs and minnows.

Cataract Lake (Cagles Mill) has been fairly tough, but still some very nice fish being caught. Largemouth up in the shallow end seem to be feeding well. Best lures recommended would be spinnerbaits, soft plastics and topwater lures. The crappie in Cataract are still extremely nice and seem to really like minnow and soft tubes about 6-8 feet down. Most of the crappie seem to be located along the break lines and rock walls.

Good Luck Fishin, and if you have a story to share or a tip to post, just leave a comment on the blog.

Good Fishin,

Ranger Nick

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome To 2013!!! Fishing here in Indiana has been rough at times, but the recent rise in water levels has really pushed the bass to move up and start to look for places to spawn. Fishing is decent with a lot of really good bass showing up. This is a great time to get on the water and catch a lunker bass. Water Temperatures are in the upper 50's to low 60's and the Largemouth are really starting to feed well. Check with Ranger Nick for Availability and get out and enjoy some of Indiana's Finest Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass fishing!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fishing has been decent, although the fish seem to be in the deep summer pattern. Bass seem to be loving plastics and topwater. On the idle side of the lake concentrate on wood..... Stumps, logs and laydowns. Pick your favorite plastic lure and fish. On the fast side (Mainlake) concentrate on points and creek channel breaks. Soft plastics and topwater lures seem to be working well early and late. Wipers and walleye are concentrating around creek channel bends. Some really nice fish can be taken slow trolling shiners or vertical jigging hair jigs. Lake Lemon has been good most days, but again the summer heat has pushed them to the topwater and plastic worm bite!! Swim baits and weightless worms are still good choices. On the West end of lake concentrate on the ditches and creek channel bends that have wood on them. On the East end of the lake, concentrate on deeper grass and stump beds. Bass have been biting best very early morning. Cataract lake has been on fire all spring for nice crappie!! Concentrate your efforts in 4-8 feet of water on transitions and channel bends with minnows or small jigs. Bass have been hitting soft plastics and crankbaits!! Fishing has been good and should stay that way!!! Contact Ranger Nick for some great bass fishing action!!! Good Fishin, Ranger Nick

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 2012

From Fall to Spring....Winter has never shown up in Indiana, the water temperatures are shooting up in the Central Indiana Lakes!! Surface temps rose from 47 to almost 67 in a little over a week, simply amazing!!

Lake Monroe is heating up, Wipers are moving up into the shallows and eating everything in site. The normal springtime pattern is alive in March. Concentrate on pionts and shallow coves with various crankbaits and the wipers should stretch your line!! Walleye and crappie are also moving up and seem to be biting well. The largemouth bass are showing up in their normal large size and starting to hit jigs, spinnerbaits and jerkbaits.

Lake Lemon has been on fire, long known as Indiana's Finest Bass fishing lake, Lemon has once again proven it is worthiness!! Jerkbaits and spinnerbaits have been top choices for slamming those fantastic Lemon bucketmouths. The crappie are up and biting tubes and minnows on the shallow brush piles and laydowns. Lemon offers some of the most exciting bass and crappie fishing in the midwest.

More Reports to come, keep checking the website every couple of weeks for new reports, I will try to keep them up to date and very accurate throughout the year. If you would like a great fishing trip, book today with Ranger Nick.

Good Fishin,

Ranger Nick

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fishing 2012

Spring Fishing is on the horizon.....water temperatures are on the rise with this extremely warm winter weather and believe it or not.....THE FISH ARE BITING!!  Hopefully this pattern won't turn ugly....Come On Spring!!!! Currently Booking for April and May 2012!! Contact Ranger Nick for some of Indiana's Finest Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass fishing!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's hot...Hot HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather is climing....the water is dropping.....and the fishing is starting to pick up a little bit. Lake Monroe has been decent with Bass biting topwater baits such as spooks, splash-its and Pop R's in the early morning and jigs later in the day. Fish points and banks close to the creek channel breaks for the best action.

Wipers are turning on with lots of wipers hitting topwater in early morning and late evening. Watch for the explosions when they are feeding on the schools of smaller fish...Crappie...shad or Bluegill. The wipers have began to show themselves pretty regularly.

Walleye are starting to show up, some nice walleye are being taken on the Fairfax and Moore's creek flats. Trolling or drift fishing seem to be the best methods.

Lake Lemon has been on fire, a lot of bass are being taken on crankbaits, spinnerbaits and topwater lures. Concentrate on areas close to deeper water for the best action. Crappie can still be caught close to the brush piles on minnows and jigs. Some perch have been hitting topwater and the bowfin are viscious!!!

With Lake Levels returning to normal after such a wet spring, it seems to be shaping up to be a good summer. Keep your lines tight and if you find a great pattern that you would like to share, just post a comment.

Good Fishin,

Ranger Nick